About Us

Urmia University of Medical Sciences (UMSU) is a public medical University located in Urmia, West Azarbaijan province, Iran.

The medical college institution which was founded by Joseph Cochran in current location of city campus of Urmia University in 1878 is considered the first attempt to establish higher education institute in Urmia. Dr. Cochran is also often credited for founding Iran's "first contemporary medical college".

The Website of Urmia University credits Cochran for "lowering the infant mortality rate in the region" and for founding one of Iran's first modern hospitals in Urmia. The medical faculty Cochran established was joined by several other people, namely Drs. Wright, Homlz, van Nourdon, and Miller. They lived for whole of their life in Urmia.

Now The School of Medicine is an integral part of UMSU and has 33 departments, 5 educational hospitals and several special clinics and 23 governmental hospitals in West Azerbaijan Province. The School of Medicine offers wide-ranging programs on clinical sciences including M.D., Residency (Specialty), and fellowship programs. It offers graduate degree programs of (M.Sc., MPH & Ph.D.) in basic sciences besides. Our faculty members are the leading clinicians and scholars of the country, in both training and clinical skills and research.

A great strength of the medical school is its full-time faculty members who serve as pillars of support for the goals of the Schools. Our highly educated, attentive and very motivated faculty is a leading force in medical education, research, and patient care in the region.

The School is devoted to innovation in education, research brilliance, ethics and reliability, and broad clinical services.