Safety culture:
- Assessing the status of safety culture in educational-medical centers
- Examining the obstacles and facilitators of promoting safety culture
- A review of executive strategies for promoting patient safety culture training in professors and clinical students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences and the region
- Assessing the patient's safety status in different wards of educational and medical centers
- Design and implementation of mobile and tablet applications for professors, assistants, interns and nurses regarding the prevention of drug interactions of hospitalized patients
Human mistake:
- Modeling of medical errors leading to death in different hospitals
- Examining the existing barriers to not reporting medical errors
Design and implementation of interventions to prevent medical errors in students of the University of Medical Sciences
- Investigate the possibility of developing information technologies for reporting and recording medical errors
- Investigating the reduction of medical errors using new information technologies
Event Review:
- Identify adverse events in the field of patient safety
- Investigating and modeling the consequences of adverse events
- Investigating the relationship between patient safety atmosphere and adverse events in educational and medical centers
- Investigate barriers and facilitators of reporting adverse events
Patient safety training:
- Investigating the possibility of reviewing and developing educational curricula of educational groups regarding knowledge related to patient safety
- Needs assessment of patient safety training programs required by clinical students
- Identify opportunities, challenges and strategies for the implementation of joint training programs - international research on the development of patient safety knowledge
- Design and implementation of an educational model focusing on patient safety management in the health system 
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