MRI Advisory - Patient Safety | American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)Strategic Plan of Patient Safety Research Center



"Patient Safety Research Center " affiliated to Urmia University of Medical Sciences. Its aim is to improve the quality and safety in providing efficient and effective health care services through the design, implementation and promotion of research and training related to patient safety.



Becoming a national center for research and education in the field of patient safety and promoting the country's position in the field of patient safety among the countries in the region



The objectives of the Patient Safety Research Center in the four areas of research and development, education, health services, and management are as follows:


Scope of research and development

Creating the necessary grounds for the invention of new equipment in the field of patient safety

Conducting research related to patient safety and improving the quality of health services

Determining research priorities related to patient safety

Supporting graduate students across the country in patient safety research projects

Holding regional, national, and international conferences

Translator of knowledge in the field of patient safety (from research to implementation)


The area of health care

Help establish patient safety standards in health care providers and create a safe environment for patients

Improving patient safety standards in providing health services to hospitalized and outpatient patients

Patient-centered promotion of health services

Use evidence-based work and best performance


Management area

Promoting a culture of patient safety in health care providers

Redesign systems providing health services to reduce medical errors

Establish a system for evaluating health service providers in terms of safe care

Reduce health care costs

Increasing patient and staff satisfaction

Design and implementation of medical error recording and reporting system

Communication with international organizations active in the field of patient safety

Creating a patient safety database

Designing a dedicated patient safety website (membership from all over the country)

Strengthen teamwork in the form of multi-professional groups

Use of new technologies in the field of communication and medical sciences in maintaining and promoting patient safety


Scope of education

Inclusion of concepts related to patient safety in the educational curriculum of all fields of medical sciences

Design and implementation of courses and workshops in the field of patient safety for professors, students, and staff in the field of treatment (neighboring countries, de-income, continuing education)

Translation and authorship of books related to patient safety

Training of students in master's degree and Ph.D.

Develop and launch distance education courses in the field of patient safety

Launching a fellowship course in patient safety

Preparation of educational multimedia in the field of patient safety


The ultimate goal:

Promoting community health